The LLM Race

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2023-03-17 07:30:05

As of Mar 2023, OpenAI/GPT3 is winning in terms of perception - their branding, GTM and their product's accessibility to the mainstream audience, is leagues ahead of the others. They're stealing limelight away from the other giants by wowing us with how capable their tech is. And so when the mainstream thinks of AI, they think of OpenAI.

But we’ll only get to know in the coming months whether Facebook or Google or Amazon has far better trained models. My prediction is that in the long run, it will be Facebook or Google that takes the lead, because they have so much more data.

Facebook has an enormous social graph. It owns Whatsapp and Instagram which is collectively used by half of the world's population. It has the data that is generated by billions of users - their interactions, preferences, browsing behaviour. And then there are the "invisible" ways in which they collect data - such as having websites install their Facebook Pixel or incorporate "Sign in with Facebook". Noteworthy that of all the tech giants, only Facebook is being led by its original founder, who still owns majority voting power. That will allow him to move fast and make quick decisions.

Google has a ton of data on Workspaces (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, etc.), they have their Android OS, their vast search data, web browsing data of billions of users, trillions of photos uploaded to Google Photos, 100s of billions of Youtube Videos.

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