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2021-08-16 13:00:14

I’m a Former emergency response driver, who always had a big interest in programming and technology. I’ve been running Linux for 6 years, I tried many distributions (Ubuntu, Tails, Manjaro,…). I use Arch Linux as my daily driver because Arch gives me the opportunity to really discover what it’s going on under the hood.

I had the chance to get insight knowledge on Rust in 2020 from a friend that became my mentor. I’ve got the opportunity to learn Rust at RustMinded including all the technical and non-technical skills to become a developer.

A CLI tool that allows you to create a temporary new Rust project using cargo with already installed dependencies. [Repository]

A CLI tool that compares a crate’s public API between two different branches, shows what changed, and suggests the next version according to semver. [Repository]

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