Reversing Lens-Induced Myopia

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2022-05-12 22:30:09

I am not a medical professional. What follows is obviously shaped a bit like medical advice. It is not delivered with the warranty of fitness for any purpose. I am some guy on the Internet. You are responsible for your health. If you follow the model's interventions, make sure you read the note about driving.

The model deals with glasses-induced myopia, and probably with certain kinds of habit-induced myopia. Myopia happens for a range of medical reasons and the model doesn't attempt to speak to all of them. I don't know what kind you have.

I am not asserting that this model is correct. It is a theory. I am only enumerating my understanding of it in detail. I happen to suspect that the interventions it suggests are somewhat effective, but that more good research is necessary.

It will probably end up being called the EndMyopia method or the Steiner method if it hits mainstream. It's not the Bates method.

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