Virtual Hagelin M-209

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2024-06-06 08:00:06

In cryptography, the M-209, designated CSP-1500 by the Navy (C-48 by the manufacturer) is a portable, mechanical cipher machine used by the US military primarily in World War II, though it remained in active use through the Korean War.

The M-209 was designed by Swedish cryptographer Boris Hagelin and manufactured by Smith & Corona in Syracuse (New York, USA). It was based on the C-38 which itself was an improvement of an earlier machine, the C-36.

Crypto Museum says "The cryptographic strength of the machine was reasonable for its time, but was not perfect. As of early 1943, it was assumed that German codebreakers were able to break an M-209 message in less than 4 hours. Nevertheless, it was considered sufficiently secure for tactical messages which, due to their nature, would be meaningless after several hours. This is why the M-209 was later also used in the Korean War."

A number of simulations are available of machines which ran at Bletchley Park and in Germany during WW2. plus Virtual ERNIE, the Premium Bond random number generator, which was designed and build by some of the same engineers as Colossus. Virtual Enigma, a full 3D simulation of the German Enigma machine! Also available, try your hand at breaking Enigma using the Turing-Welchman Bombe!

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