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2022-05-14 16:00:08

Additionaly, we´ve added a small tweak for the UI. Did you know that there was a little plus symbol at the left of a Domain/Mailbox? No? Don´t worry it was a little hard to see… until now 🙂

That´s all basically… oh no wait one more thing! We´ve now included the mailcow Version to our Bug Reporting Formular on GitHub. So if you want to report a Bug please also fill out the Version row on the Issue form.

The issue was a missing placeholder which caused a important folder to be deleted from the Git Repository, which is needed to display the UI.

Thanks to the help of @FredleSpl0it the mailcow now has tags. Tags? Yes tags! These can be used for filtering and searching. You can add them either by editing a domain/mailbox or by creating a new one. In both cases the tags section will show itself to you.

Heard there is a new SOGo version? Yep, and we already have it on board. For more information please read the official changelogs from inverse (the SOGo developers):

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