What makes engineering teams go off the best engineering practices

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2021-08-18 11:30:10

We know and use the phrase “Best practices.” Best practices are procedures accepted or prescribed as being most effective or correct. We welcome them because experienced industry professionals thought leaders, our own experience, and mentors share them as proven correct and most effective.

Having learned these best practices and taken them to heart, seeing someone or teams go away from them may seem odd or wrong. But studying why companies would slip away from them will almost always triumph over fundamental attribution error.

This is what we attempt to do in this article: we will cover some common best practices and why would engineering teams not utilize them. We will also go into why some of these “best practices” might actually become bad practices.

Here at Zumvie, we are building the best software for engineering managers to manage their 1:1’s with their direct reports. We have learned that people tend to fall in multiple buckets when it comes to 1:1’s:

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