Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

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2021-07-20 06:30:05

Play against a random number of opponents || Play with auto designed ships || 6th ship design slot || Greatly improved build queue management || Unbuy function || New hotkeys.

1.50 improved || ICE 27 || VDC || Version 1.2 mod || Melee || Lots of mapmods || A standard mode is available, which is purely the patch, no mods.

Supports English, German, French, Spanish and Italian DOS editions of MOO2. || Installing the 1.50 patch does not break your current version 1.31 or 1.40 installation. No original files are overwritten. Multilingual Fan patch. February 6, 2021. Download (10471 kB zip file) Development of the 1.50 patch for Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares started in 2015 and the first version, 1.50.0, was released February 6, 2016. Currently the patch stands at version Development is still ongoing and a version 1.50.19 is in the works.

1.40b25 English Fan patch. November 9, 2020. Download (1178 kB zip file) For testing with the 1.40 patch I use this version. It has 4 changes compared to b23: Screen fade-ins and fade-outs are faster; Tactical Combat is turned on by default in the Game Setup screen; missiles default to x2 shot racks instead of x5 in the Design Dock console; and the cheat ALT+menlo gives 30.000 instead of 9.999 research points. The zip file includes a changelog and the source code of the 1.40 patch.

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