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5G isn't quite there, and MixComm believes it has the millimeter wave fix

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2021-09-26 17:30:04

By Tiernan Ray | September 24, 2021 | Topic: 5G

It's become standard for mid-range and flagship phones across all major US wireless carriers and most new phones incorporate 5G technology.

"Up until now it has been more hype than reality," says Mike Noonen, the chief executive of wireless chip startup MixComm, regarding 5G. 

"What has been rolled out so far is not ready for prime time," argues Noonen. "A scattering of headlines: it's too hot and you can't find it; it's too costly."

As early reviewers found in the past year, not all 5G is equal. Tests show 5G has not yet realized, at least in a reliable fashion, the promise of being "ten times faster than home WiFi."

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