No More Big Bets

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2023-03-19 19:30:08

“We have this amazing idea. We’re going to apply the model of Tinder to... the jobs market! Tinder for Jobs, it’s a slam dunk!”

It’s 2018, and I’m being pitched a new job. The product pitch is clear: we’re going to revolutionize the job market tinder-style. It makes sense, the company is already a leader in the jobs space, and this would give it another big boost by attempting to reach passive job seekers — people not actively looking for jobs, but given the right opportunity, wouldn’t refuse one.

“We’re not convinced this is going to work. There are too many assumptions you’re making. Let’s go lean on this one.”

But I was sold, I swiped right on the idea, and joined the company. Or left, whatever the appropriate direction is — I’ve never used Tinder.

This started my journey applying the lean product approach to developing a product. A technique that has wider applications than just full products and start-ups, it can be applied to features as well. And probably should be.

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