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2023-01-26 04:30:05

By default, the Messages app on iOS and macOS shows a pretty meh preview of Mastodon links. Now you can make them look so much nicer!

It seems like Apple made a special case for displaying tweets in the Messages interface. This tool takes your Mastodon post URL, pretends it's from a Twitter URL for the purposes of showing the special tweet UI, and then forwards all navigation to the original post. Your group chats will never be the same.

Then I will be the happiest! Please Sherlock me, Tim. (And if I have anyone's ear: tailoring a page's link preview presentation by special meta tags would be chefskiss.gif.)

That's not a question, but sorry about that. Mastodon's strength is its federated nature that can live on many different instances. I tested on the most common ones, but certain flavors may not be compatible with this tool.

Yep, you're on to me. You can manually build the URLs if you'd like, but the text input field above and the Shortcut linked above do it for you.

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