Building a Culture of Security Consciousness: Getting a Security Program off the Ground as a ‘Department of One’

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2024-02-09 16:00:10

Recently, our CEO, Josh Zweig, co-hosted a webinar series with Information Systems Security Association (ISSA). He was joined by Chad Brustin, Director of Security at fin-tech company Finfare, and Jake Bernardes, CISO of Gutsy, to discuss approaching building a security program in SMBs as the first security hire.

At Zip we often talk to, and work with, the businesses at the stage of building a Security ‘Department of One’, referring to organizations at the size and stage where they have made their first dedicated security hire. Those operating security ‘departments of one’ are faced with an exciting, yet challenging road ahead. On one hand, they are joining an organization that recognizes and values the investment a security program and department needs. However, being in this position solo also poses a challenge when it comes to balancing priorities, resources, executing as a single-department, and building buy-in across the business.

In this webinar, our three panelists discussed their experience as security leaders, and provided their perspective on how to effectively run a security program. If you’d like to watch the full webinar, check it out here!

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