The FPGA designer who didn't get the job

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2021-07-22 02:30:07

Looking for a job? Perhaps you are fresh out of a college degree in digital design and looking for a digital design job. Perhaps you are mid-way through college with a little bit of RTL experience and just looking for an internship. Perhaps you are a single individual fresh off of your last contract, looking for a new one. Either way, you are looking for something new.

If so, read on. I’d like to share a bit of my perspective from the other side, from the side of trying to find someone with your skills.

You see, my time is currently oversubscribed. This is one of the problems with success–there’s never enough of you to go around. The problem is, I’m just a one man shop. I’ve avoided needing to learn labor and tax laws by not hiring. While I’m not opposed to expanding Gisselquist Technology, I’m just not in a position to do so today.

Recognizing this, one of my clients has been trying to find and hire talent. He’d like to find others that can do the work that I do. Indeed, good talent can be hard to come by. The problem this client has is that he doesn’t have the ability to do digital logic design, nor does he know how to recognize it when he sees it. Therefore, he has asked me more than once to review the people he finds to know if they are worth hiring.

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