Bounties Damage Open Source Projects

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2023-09-14 21:00:10

While we do understand that continued exposure to venture capital might have caused some to build an appreciation for endless rat racing, we kindly request that you keep unwarranted hustling away from the Zig community.

We’re not only building free and open source software but, most importantly, we’re building software you can love and this can only be done by employing well-designed business management processes.

We do believe that bug bounties, like the one offered by TigerBeetle, can be a virtuous way of sponsoring development since they focus on the discovery aspect of software defects. Yes, it’s possible for different people to independently discover the same bug, but that’s an unlucky coincidence, not a structural aspect of the resulting system.

If you’re interested in investing in the Zig ecosystem, we’re happy to chat with you and give you all the necessary insight both when it comes to the project’s roadmap, and also in terms of publicizing the opportunity within the community to help you find a suitable candidate, but we do expect that you treat your collaborators with the respect they deserve.

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