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2023-01-23 08:30:06

Click on one of the physics simulations below... you'll see them animating in real time, and be able to interact with them by dragging objects or changing parameters like gravity.

myPhysicsLab is provided as open source software under the Apache 2.0 License. Source code is available at Online documentation is available.

There are around 50 different simulations in the source code, each of which has an example file which is mainly for development and testing. These can also be used to show simulations offline (when not connected to the internet).

The rigid body physics engine is the most sophisticated simulation shown here. It is capable of replicating all of the other more specialized simulations. The physics engine handles collisions and also calculates contact forces which allow objects to push against each other.

The myPhysicsLab simulations do not have units of measurements specified such as meters, kilograms, seconds. The units are dimensionless, they can be interpreted however you want, but they must be consistent within the simulation.

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