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2021-07-19 21:00:08

I’ve been writing since September 1st, 2020, initially about voting and mechanism design, then about an increasingly varied assortment of topics ranging from the importance of economic growth within an EA framework, to the organization of research institutions and more generic career advice.

The blog has been moderately successful in terms of attracting attention from people I respect without causing any major scandals or other negative effects.

Self-management: I have no deadlines, no manager, and generally speaking, no accountability. If I don’t choose to do something, it won’t get done. The sub-skills include finding good ideas for posts, prioritizing them correctly, avoiding distractions, and actually executing and “shipping”. Anecdotally, many of the people I talk to seem to be held back here, whether they’re blogging, starting a company or just trying to take a hobby more seriously. If all I got out of the last 9 months was this skill, it all would have been worth it.

Patience: It’s one thing to build intuitions for exponential growth, another to actually follow through and make investments on long time scales. Since we’re systematically over-exposed to successful blog posts, your view of success is likely distorted, and it will take far longer than you think to become a good writer and to get noticed.

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