Top eCommerce Bottlenecks That Will Always Stop Your Growth

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2020-06-25 14:59:22

Today, optimization and elimination of eCommerce bottlenecks requires an understanding of complicated digital landscape and processes. Whether its user behavior, technological changes, or preconceived consumer expectations, eCommerce platforms can face numerous bottlenecks that could halt the growth rate. That said, the continuous adaptability to interactive environments and the relentless boost in internet users has paved the way for a new age of eCommerce growth. It is uncharted territory for startup eCommerce platforms that have to resolve a variety of bottlenecks to stay competitive. Availability and Functionality Bottlenecks Once you move past the foundational infrastructure of an eCommerce site, there are particular functionality bottlenecks that shoppers often run into:

eCommerce Bottleneck #1 – JavaScript Errors Primarily, there is (almost) always something wrong on the eCommerce front-end side. Though mostly, the nature of JavaScript errors is mainly due to the non- availability of logs. However, to eliminate this bottleneck, assess the shoppers’ exceptions and experiences in respective browsers to get a complete picture of JavaScript errors. You can categorize troubleshooting errors by channel, transaction, name, or other customized elements that you might deem necessary.

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