Yandex Services Source Code Leak · Arseniy Shestakov

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2023-01-26 05:00:06

Just a few hours ago I found mention on Twitter that proprietary source code of Russian giant Yandex been leaked on online community called BreachForums. In this post I’ll share results of my friend digging into said archives.

Yandex is one of largest IT companies in Russia. Within country it provide wider range of services than Google. Imagine one company that replace Google, Uber, Amazon, Netflix and Spotify.

I personally never worked at Yandex, but I know several people who worked there at different times or work there still. I verified that at least some of archives for sure contain modern source code for company services as well as documentation pointing to real intranet URLs.

And at least backend part of majority of other company services is there. Largest archive called “frontend” is yet to be explored.

Since this is leak only contain contents of git repositories there is no personal data. There are at least some API keys, but they are likely only been used for testing deployment only.

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