2024 Eclipse Forecasts

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2024-04-01 15:30:09

A total solar eclipse is coming up for parts of Mexico, Canada, and the United States on the afternoon of 8 April 2024. This page aggregates the latest data from various weather models and ensembles for cloud cover and precipitation forecasts for the time of the eclipse. Click on any of the pages below to view the latest data!

Each ensemble suite below has different cloud and precipitation products available (NEW: Now including the EPS). For all of these plots, blue = clear skies, gray = cloudy skies. Check out each one below!

Combining different ensembles into a single plot is a challenge due to different model resolutions and biases. This calculation is most applicable for precipitation, and this plot shows the percent of ensemble members with averaged precipitation rate over 0.01 inch per hour.

Each ensemble suite has its own biases. By combining multiple ensemble suites into a single analysis, this gives the least biased picture for potential precipitation.

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