Follow the trajectory of asteroids that could cause the end of the world live

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2020-06-29 04:30:00

After the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announcement just a week ago that five asteroids, with dimensions between 10.5 and 183 meters in diameter, will pass “ dangerously” on Earth during the last days of June, the page He launched a section to follow the trajectory of one of them.

It’s about the asteroid 2020 MK, with an approximate size of 80 and 183 meters in diameter, it passed through our planet yesterday at about 457 thousand kilometers.

NASA in its statement catalog it with a “ potentially dangerous object” due to 2020 MK meets the two requirements that are, pass the same or less distance from 7.5 kilometers from Earth and have a size greater than 150 meters.

Despite everything that has been said about this object, specialists send a reassuring message clarifying that it is almost impossible for this asteroid to collide with our planet.

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