Telnet: Old Friend Offers High Speed

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2022-09-21 18:00:20

Related Article How to Telnet A step-by-step guide to setting up and connecting. With a few bits of knowledge in hand, you can gain access to the World Wide Web, your e-mail, terabytes of file archives and other Internet resources using telnet, a piece of Internet technology that has been aged to perfection over the last 30 years. It's fast, efficient and hardly subject to the vagaries of regularly changing bells and whistles.

Telnet is a method of typing text on your own computer, which gets sent over the Internet to another computer, whether on the next desk or on the next continent. Through text commands, just like those found in MS-DOS, you can operate this other computer. This can amount to something as simple as listing the files in a directory or as complex as reading e-mail or Web browsing -- all without pictures, buttons or clicking.

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