What the GNU? - Ariadna Vigo

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2021-09-27 11:30:02

OK, this is a post I’ve been planning for months, I think? Several past drafts have been injured and killed before I gave birth to this one, the succesful one. So, let’s jump straight into it: I wanna talk about GNU.

GNU. Not the FSF, not RMS… Why are all these three letter acronyms? Are all of these cover operations of some three letter agency? I hope saying that doesn’t get me into any trouble, so you better read my post before I suddenly disappear… Just kidding! But I will address the FSF and RMS some time in the future… Now, let’s just focus on the GNU.

This comes from a cultural thing that has bugged me for very long time. The Anglo FOSS community is way over this kind of stuff, except for the few people who still listen to the BS the FSF spits out… But the Spanish community loves the FSF and RMS so much it’s unnerving. Actually, I almost was about to write this post in Spanish, but then I realized that I enjoy writing in English way more than in my native language… for some reason?

So, this post is to cut off the falsehoods, the half truths, the weird propaganda around GNU. Some of it comes from the FSF, but most of it actually comes from their fans. This is not just a “culture war,” but this has actual, tangible technological consequences… and that’s what bothers me at most.

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