World smallest movie: A boy and his atom.

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2020-06-28 19:30:48

Synopsis– The frame of the movie starts with a boy made of the atoms of Carbon monoxide and his encounter with a ball of atoms. The ball of the atom starts bouncing in front of the boy which compels the boy to dance in the rhythm of the ball. Hesitant initially, the boy starts playing with the ball bouncing it back and forth on the wall. In the consequent frame, the ball takes the form of the trampoline and, the boy starts bouncing on it. The atoms now escape and form the clouds and end with the ‘THINK’ engravings on the canvas [1].

The movie was developed by IBM Physics Research students in 2013 manipulating atoms of Carbon monoxide ( is toxic in nature) over the surface of Copper cooled down to an extremely low temperature of 5 K (−268.15 °C, −450.67 °F) at which the device operates. At this temperature, the atom becomes relatively stable. Two scanning tunneling microscopes were used to find out the position of the atoms in the carbon monoxide molecule and after localizing, the atoms are moved with the help of the probe to create subsequent frames. The photographs are taken my magnifying atoms by 100 million times. What it captures is the oxygen component of each molecule which appears as a dot and, when moved produces a peculiar sound. Each of these frames is pictured to make a movie ultimately [2].

“You could carry around, not just two movies on your iPhone, you could carry around every movie ever produced.”

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