Why India’s electronics sector lags behind China

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2020-06-30 13:39:31

Anyone who has ever looked up a do-it-yourself project of a decent degree of complexity on the Internet would know that a programmable microcontroller kit such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi is the go-to solution to realize any circuit, having replaced the tangle of tiny, circuit components as diodes, resistors, capacitors, and transistors.

DIY sites are overrun with enthusiastic American, Scandinavian and East Asian schoolchildren creating everything from hand-assembled wristwatches to full-fledged quadcopter drones. No longer does one need to fuss with solder, flux, boards, and confusing interlinks; a tiny chip that is versatile and adaptable serves hundreds of needs, acting according to the code that is fed into it right from one’s personal computer.

Many electronic-engineering students in India are blissfully unacquainted with these technologies of ubiquitous utilities, and those who do become familiar with them do so out of personal initiative and enthusiasm.

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