Decode the Message - A Sign in Space

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2023-05-26 16:30:14

If we received an extraterrestrial message, how would we interpret it? What would it mean for humanity? What meaning might we attribute to a message from an alien civilization?

This open call is for everyone – the public as well as specialists and experts from all fields – to collaborate in decoding the extraterrestrial message created for A Sign in Space, an interdisciplinary project by media artist Daniela de Paulis.

On 24 May, a signal was transmitted by the Trace Gas Orbiter (an ESA spacecraft orbiting Mars) and was received at the Green Bank Telescope (West Virginia), the Medicina Radio Astronomical Station (Italy), the Allen Telescope Array (California) and the Very Large Array (New Mexico). We’re asking individuals and groups to take part in decoding and interpreting the content of the message.

Submit your scientific data, thoughts, sketches, drawings, and ideas for the technical decoding and cultural interpretation of the message. Contributions will be posted on the project’s website and social media associated with the project, sharing the process of decoding and interpreting the message with the world.

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