Being Human BH12 & BH27 | Electric Cycle

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2020-06-22 17:08:42

Electric bikes are a new and promising alternative form of urban transport. Overcoming the power shortage has all the advantages of a regular bicycle which is a major drawback. You can pedal normally and only use the motor when riding a bike on hills and headwinds or use the motor all the time to make riding easier and faster.

Being Human uncovered a new electric cycle. That new cycle was launched on World Environment Day and Founder of Being Human, Salman Khan cycled from his residence to Mehboob studios. The Company launched two variants-BH12 and BH27. The base variant has been priced at Rs. 40,000 while the top-spec BH27 has been priced at Rs.57,000. Both are available in four colors-white, Yellow, Red and Black.

The cycle was designed to be user-friendly and easy to manage on Indian Roads. One of the main differentiators of e-bicycles is that they require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts than traditional bicycles. The maximum speed of E-Cycle is 25 km/hr and does not require any type of license or registration to operate.

Apart from this, the E-Cycle looks similar to any traditional bicycle but it has a small rechargeable electric motor which is enough to accelerate the cycle up to 25 kmph. The electric motor can be worked with a button that attaches to the handlebar and has a range of 30km, which should be enough for cycling around the city. According to the manufacturer, the Being Human e-cycle has been tested for about a year and a half.

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