How to automatically translate Articulate Rise 360 courses

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2024-04-02 21:30:08

You can translate your Articulate Rise 360 courses into other languages within minutes using the Auto Localize app, thereby rapidly increasing the audience for your courses.

Export the XLIFF file using the "Export XLIFF File" button in the settings section of your Articulate Rise course.

Open the Auto Localize app and create a new project. Give your project a suitable name. Set the default language value to the language your course is written in. Then, add the languages you want to translate your course into to the target languages section.

Add the XLIFF file you exported from the Articulate Rise page to your project using the "Add Files" menu.

When you add the file to the project, the app will warn you that there is no target languages information in the file. At this point, use the "Add Target Languages" button to create a separate XLIFF file for each target language you have set in the project settings.

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