Automakers urged to introduce battery passports for electric vehicles

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2020-06-25 06:00:34

The sourcing of raw materials required to produce electric vehicle (EV) batteries has raised concern around the true benefits of such vehicles on the environment. As such, industry-wide initiatives are in place across the industry to ensure that EVs are as clean as they profess to be—from mine to wheel.

The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) is a multi-sector initiative that aims to create a ‘circular and responsible’ battery value chain, and is in the process of establishing a digital Battery Passport. Based on blockchain technology, a series of transactions would show how the materials used in EV batteries are sourced, and provide greater transparency throughout the overall supply chain. Formed during the 2017 World Economic Forum, the Alliance now counts 70 members from across the public and private sectors, including automakers, suppliers, tech companies and national governments.

Benedikt Sobotka is Co-Chair of the GBA, but also serves as Group Chief Executive of Eurasian Resources Group (ERG), a large producer of cobalt and copper. As he explained to Automotive World, companies…

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