Wonderful World Of The Computer 01 - Acorn Electron World

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2024-07-10 22:30:03

Affordable home computers have been available for about ten years now, but in all that time nobody has ever produced a really helpful guide to their use. Oh sure, there have been tons of books and magazines printed about computers but they have all glossed over the most important aspect of the subject, i.e. "Of course it's not like this in real life" factor. It's not that writers have been dishonest about this, rather they have just been lazy and consequently much vital information has been omitted from computing literature. Let's look at how this applies to the Elk.

Firstly, when a person acquires an Electron, they read in the manual that there is a "Power in socket" on the right hand side which is used when connecting the computer to the mains' electricity supply. This is not true! Situated on the right hand side of the Electron is the "Hole where the power lead goes, which becomes very wobbly after a while and turns your computer off at the most inconvenient times". As you can see, it's a lot quicker to write "Power in socket" than to give the more detailed description!

The computer keyboard is another area where the true facts have been distorted. Most people believe that QWERTY keyboards are so-called because the first six letters on the top row spell this word. Wrong! QWERTY is an acronym for Quite Wantonly Enjoying Regularly Tricking You. Keyboards are laid out in what we experts call the "Undetectable Mirage Pattern" or UMP for short.

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