Active Resistance to Metrication

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2022-06-23 19:00:10

Active Resistance to Metrication (A.R.M.) is a group of people opposed to forced metrication. We have no issue with people choosing to use the metric system, as has been the case for example in describing car engine size in cubic centimetres or wine bottles in litres, centilitres or decilitres. But we are opposed, like millions of you, to having the metric system forced on us by criminal penalties. The system of British weights and measures (sometimes known as ‘Imperial’ or ‘customary’ weights and measures) is, in many key respects, superior to the metric system. To find out why, read the report by the Customary Measures Society: ‘Weights and Measures: Britain’s Way Ahead’ on our Reports and Articles page.

A.R.M. was first set up following a meeting held in June 2001. Its first and current Chairman is Mr Derek Norman of Huntingdon. Its first and current Secretary is Mr Tony Bennett of Harlow. Five members set up the group and it has now grown to dozens.

The initial focus of A.R.M., for which we are best known, was our direct action campaign to tackle the mushrooming of illegal metric road and footpath signs erected by various local and other authorities, including the Highways Agency. We are a membership association; see below for details of how to join.

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