Bringing include_dir Into the Modern Era

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2022-01-14 14:00:08

Way back in mid-2017 I created a crate called include_dir with a single goal in mind - give users an include_dir!() macro that lets them embed an entire directory in their binary.

By most metrics, we’ve been doing phenomenally well. The crate has received a fair amount of engagement on GitHub via pull requests and issues, and it has had over 1 million downloads and 127 direct dependents published to alone.

However, due to work commitments and low motivation, the include_dir crate hasn’t received as much love as I’d like to give it over the last year or so 😞

I recently1, I found myself with a free weekend and a desire to be productive, so I thought I’d take advantage of how Rust has evolved since 2017 and work through some of include_dir’s backlog.

I’ve written a fair amount of Rust code in my time and reviewed a lot more, and that has left me with some strong opinions about authoring crates:

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