A SaaS marches towards production; defining an engineering culture.

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2022-01-15 00:00:09

I'm now testing the integration of the components that I've been talking about by building a staging/integ environment. This new environment looks and feels like the future production site except I play fast and loose. As I move fast, I reveal problems which will be problematic, and I'm taking notes. Fortunately, most things are working as intended. My gossip is gossiping. My routing tables are routing. Deploy kind of works.

The open question is when can I launch a single production cluster. Well, I could probably start using the current environment as-is to build games and start launching games and debug the production issues as I go. That's the smart business move.

I'm not smart at business. I'm an engineer's engineer building out of joy. I'm over-engineering the shit out of this service because I care. I care deeply about engineering culture which is why I struggle with product minded 'launch-quickly' folks.

Look, I understand the spirit of moving fast and breaking things, but I'm an old man that demands reliable services. As I am currently filing for an LLC and intend to start a company around this, the values of that company will manifest because "the fish rots from the head down". Thus, I'm going to talk about the engineering discipline being put into action for this effort.

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