Read Those Podcasting Contracts Carefully

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2023-01-24 12:00:06

Today’s edition of Podnews, splashes with a report about a podcast called Sex, Lies and DM Slides being relaunched by Spotify without the original hosts. One of those original hosts who created the show is upset and has complained on Instagram about the move.

I have no knowledge of this particular case nor the agreement that hosts made with Spotify when they signed with the company to make the podcast, and Spotify (at time of writing) had not responded to Podnews’ invitation to make a comment [Update: Spotify has responded now, and says the show is wholly owned by them].

But this is just the latest in a series of unhappy podcasters who have fallen out with their partners and ended up in dispute about who owns the intellectual property (IP) in the title, or whether they can take their old episodes with them when they leave.

However, it’s another recent dispute that I wanted to mention here that I thought was quite interesting, involving the journalist Kara Swisher.

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