Air Quality Monitors Compared: AirGradient vs Purple Air

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2024-05-15 04:00:06

Purple Air played a significant role in making low-cost air quality monitors accepted by the public and government institutions. There are now a significant number of studies available comparing the Purple Air monitors against reference instruments and proposing correction formulas to make them more accurate. It’s probably the most studied air quality monitor out there.

We at AirGradient are thankful for the impact of the Purple Airs and the way it paved the way for other low-cost manufacturers like us.

Purple Air has indoor and outdoor monitors. This comparison will only focus on the two most popular outdoor monitors, the Purple Air Classic and the Purple Air Flex. We’ll compare these to the AirGradient Open Air models O-1PPT and O-1PST.

The AirGradient Open Air uses the same Plantower PMS5003 module as the Purple Air Classic, so the monitor’s performance can be expected to be very similar.

This is confirmed by our global co-location project in which we test the accuracy of the AirGradient Open Air monitors worldwide.

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