The AirGradient DIY CO2 Traffic Light

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2022-01-15 00:00:07

As part of the AirGradient for Education series, this instruction teaches how to build an accurate CO2 traffic light that can be connected easily to data platforms.

CO2 traffic lights are often used in classrooms around the world as an indicator when it is important to ventilate the classrooms to reduce the COVID-19 transmission risk. So this built especially addresses the needs for schools and enables them to build a powerful, accurate CO2 traffic light for a much less cost than commercial sensors (that often do not even have WiFi capabilities).

This build uses the Senseair S8 NDIR CO2 sensor that has a high accuracy and is also used in much more expensive professional grade sensors.

We offer schools who buy our CO2 traffic light kit, one year premium access to our powerful AirGradient platform made especially for schools.

The build also comes with 3D printable files of a professionally designed enclosure. This build also uses our standard AirGradient PCB. More information below.

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