Kate and OrgMode

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2024-07-07 20:00:07

I have a very.. unusual notetaking and task setup with Kate, using Orgmode files. I wanted to showcase it and explain how it works, maybe someone else has similar needs.

I actually prefer markdown much more. I enjoy writing markdown files and it just works in most editors. However, there is zero markdown note taking apps on android, that allow me to sync from my nextcloud and have notifications.

I write very journal style notes. I have one big journal file (used to be a file per day before), where I write down all the interesting things that happened, plus most importantly, my work tasks.

I tried to use calendar with tasks before.. But theres way too much context switching between notetaking apps, calendars, tasks (and on android you have to have two apps for tasks and calendar!!!). I was drowning in various apps and windows, constantly hopping around..

All I wanted to do was write down a task in my journal, then have that task notify me on my phone and on my desktop whenever it was scheduled.

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