Croatian travel blogger raises $50K to rescue his guide from Afghanistan

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2021-08-17 20:00:07

Croatian travel blogger Kristijan Ilicic, on a call for help from his guide from Afghanistan, decided to launch a humanitarian action to rescue him and his family from Kabul, and in just a few days he managed to raise almost $50,000.

“Welcome to Afghanistan, officially the most dangerous country in the world,” Ilicic wrote under the first photo he published during his visit to this country in November 2020.

As during the visit, Christian had a rare insight into the life and culture of the people of this country, he said that he was particularly affected by recent events.

“These days, with stomach cramps and anxiety in my soul, I am watching what is happening in that country. The estimates of the Americans that it will take the Taliban up to 90 days to conquer Kabul have proved wrong. Kabul fell in 90 hours. The president fled the country, and his army surrendered its weapons very easily, ”he wrote on Facebook.

One of the photos from Afghanistan published by Ilicic also shows Noor, a tourist guide who recently left his native Mazar-i-Sharif with his wife, four-year-old son and four-month-old daughter and fled to Kabul, where he is hiding in a friend’s house. . He believes that if the Taliban found him, he would be killed.

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