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2022-01-15 14:00:06

Chromium is an amazing project, and I simply wanted to add to the amazingness by adding things I think fit well for people already using Chromium.

I make builds for linux > Windows > and MacOS/Android/different CPU architectures >

The use of AVX and AES instructions. CFlag and LDFlags and Rust COPT flags changed from their default values of 2 to 3, lto_opt_level changed from 0 to 3, import_instr_limit changed from 5 to 100, all debug constructs stripped from binaries, and finally, various LOOP optimizations implemented as -mllvm flags passed to the LLVM Clang compiler.

Some package/UI changes include the addition of content_shell (a minimal browser window that just runs the core browser engine called blink in a window, useful for testing and web devs), and chromedriver (a selenium compatible browser automation and fuzzing program), as well as .desktop and wrapper files for content shell, and new menu options when right clicking the launcher on Linux to open content_shell or open in "safe mode" where all flags set in chrome://flags are temporarily ignored in case of a crash caused by them.

Add useful command line flags to the wrapper and .desktop file including: Disabling the Default Browser check and InfoBar, Experimental web platform features, Experimental Canvas2D, showing component extensions on chrome://extensions, requiring a user gesture to initiate playback of media, VAAPI Video decoder, Page Info v2, and Parallel Downloading.

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