A Children's Book Story About Distributed Systems

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2022-01-13 02:30:10

Editor’s note: the following document was found in a collection of papers and assignments, apparently dating from late 2020 when the author was stuck inside studying distributed systems. An additional note, written in green and red Crayon on the back of a CVS receipt, was found stapled to the document: “it is now winter . this work features only approximate explanations. it favors silliness over accuracy in some sections. it should be taken with a light hearted grain of salt” [sic].

Karl is a small terrier who lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One wintery day in Cambridge, Karl was looking for something to do. He had already eaten a snack, gone for a walk, chewed a toy, played fetch, and taken a nap, but it was only 2:00PM! He was very bored.

As he was day-dreaming about great snacks he had in the past, he remembered his good friend, Jake, who he hadn’t seen in a while. “I know!” exclaimed Karl. “I’ll see how Jake is doing!”

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