What Is Mental Health? 16 Signs of Psychological Wellness

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2023-01-23 22:00:12

What is mental health? What does psychological wellness feel like? Happiness? Mastering all negative emotions? It’s tricky, isn’t it.

Only very recently has there even been an interest in understanding mental wellness – mostly pioneered by the positive psychology movement.

Before, the focus was always more on mental illness and even worse: in an effort to improve the diagnosis of mental illness, there was an increasing movement towards external observable symptoms. And a movement away from internal experiences.

All that makes it really hard to put words to the question: What are our inner experience and abilities when we are psychologically well?

For a long time mental health has been understood as being free from symptoms. No anxiety, sleep problems, or distrubing impulses, sadness.

But thriving in life has to be more than just freedom from something. If we look at living a meaningful life grounded in psychological wellness, we want freedom to love, work, play.

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