How Strong Is The Shark Attraction To The Tourists In Sydney Harbour?

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2020-06-29 07:51:05

For how long have you been pondering to catch a glimpse of the sharks in the Sydney Harbour? Or did you ever think to run to any sharks at the time of swimming marvellously at the Sydney Harbour? The sharks could be less common than ever thought. As the researchers have stated, an encounter with a shark in the Sydney Harbour is really and extremely rare, and thus, this rarity has played its role in attracting worldwide tourists owing to their variety.

Tiger Sharks, White Sharks, and Bull Sharks are the common species with only the Bull Sharks ranging between 2 meters and 3.2 meters on average.

Sharks are present in the Sydney Harbour, but surprisingly their presence can hardly alarm people! It is because, the sharks have settled in these waters, such before the human settlement. As the researches have shown that the Bull Sharks are high in the estuaries as well as in the coastal waters of Sydney, they are visible when the water temperature rises during the summer and autumn months. The Bull Sharks are the common species of the potentially dangerous sharks as seen in the Sydney Harbour. On the other hand, at different times of the year, the tourists can catch a glimpse of the other shark species in the Harbour at Port Jackson, Wobbegong, and Dusky whaler.

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