Iranian oil tanker enters Venezuelan waters

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2020-06-22 14:32:21

BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:00 P.M.) – For the sixth time in the last 30 days, an Iranian tanker has entered Venezuelan waters to deliver oil and supplies to the South American nation.

According to the latest maritime tracking reports, the Iranian tanker, the Golsan, has entered Venezuelan waters and should be reaching its intended destination in the coming hours.

The Iranian tanker is not only carrying fuel, but new reports claim the vessel also has equipment to fix Venezuela’s oil facilities.

Earlier this month, the fifth Iranian tanker reached the Venezuelan coast after reports surfaced of potential U.S. interference in the Caribbean.

Iran issued several warnings to the U.S. and summoned the Swiss Ambassador to Tehran in order to convey their threats of force if any of their vessels are harmed or seized.

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