We believe technical founders make the greatest impact.

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2022-10-06 20:30:44

Amplify is relentlessly focused on helping technical founders succeed -- founders with an unwavering vision for a better future and the courage to make it happen.

Advances in deep learning, especially around power and flexibility, are enabling superhuman performance across a wide range of categories. Driving this phenomenon is a fundamentally different approach: Instead of solving problems with custom code, next generation neural network architectures will use data to search a wide solution space.

Still, most of the world is running on old code and have yet to incorporate machine learning and AI into their businesses. From manufacturing and logistics to farming, design, and even the practice of software engineering itself, nothing is off limits when it comes to deep learning and AI. At Amplify, we believe only the deepest technical minds are capable of further advancing this shift and applying it to ambitious new markets. We are excited to be your champion through this transformation.

Technology has evolved in cycles — from mainframes to PCs to mobile and cloud — and today we’re at the precipice of another massive shift. We’re leaving the era that gave us cloud computing, mobile devices, big data, and DevOps. We’re entering one defined by ubiquitous computing driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, distributed systems, and wholly new programming and security paradigms.

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