Oasis — A cosy world

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2024-05-16 11:00:08

A cozy voxel-based universe Forage, build, and fight monsters with friends. A collaborative adventure filled with mystery and wonder.

In Oasis, we wanted the serenity of Minecraft and Stardew Valley while also having the feeling of a living, breathing world like World of Warcraft.

- Build, farm, forage, and design your home - Form guilds (teams), trade resources, fight bosses - Go on quests to defeat the mucky monsters

To give you a beautiful canvas - we pushed technical boundaries in the voxel genre’s aesthetic. Our game engine captures the glow of soft light; the rustling of tree leaves; the translucence of water bodies - we indulged in the details.

To do this, we developed a custom engine for Oasis. Built using three, react and next - all open-source javascript libraries. We freed ourselves from the closed source monopolies Unity and Unreal; as well as letting Oasis be an early example of streamed-gaming - where even the lightest laptops can play.

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