Videos from Embedded Linux Conference 2013

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2024-03-30 16:30:06

Better late than never: we are finally publishing a set of videos of 24 talks from the last Embedded Linux Conference, which took place earlier this year in San Francisco, California. These videos are coming in addition to the videos that the Linux Foundation had posted from this conference on

Our videos are the ones from other talks, covering topics such as I2C, the BeagleBone, the Common Display Framework, Kernel debugging, Memory management in the kernel, usage of SPDX in Yocto, the SCHED_DEADLINE scheduler, the management of ARM SoC support in the kernel, real-time, kernel testing, and more. We’re also including below the full set of videos from the Linux Foundation, so that this page nicely gives links to all the videos from Embedded Linux Conference 2013.

David Anders Texas Instruments Board Bringup: You, Me and I2C Slides Video (38 minutes): full HD (269M), 800×450 (151M)

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