Building RAG in Ruby, using BAML, with streaming!

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2024-06-12 00:00:03

This project uses BAML, our prompt configuration language that extends Jinja to help you get structured outputs from LLMs. BAML can autogenerate a Ruby client that can call our prompt templates, handle all deserialization, and stream the results. More on this below!

In BAML you build prompts using a schema-first approach. What's this mean? Well, prompt templates are basically functions that take in input variables and return structured outputs. In BAML you literally define your function signatures and then write the prompt using that signature, which helps reduce prompt engineering.

In this RAG example need a function that takes in a question and a list of documents, and outputs an Answer object, with citations, so this is the function we will build:

When humans write a paper, they usually cite other papers and then write out their answer using those citations. We will make the LLM do the same:

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