Apple Should Use Intelligence to Get it Into Their Heads That we Don't Want This.

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2024-06-10 20:30:02

Apple Intelligence is AI for the rest of us. (Get it? Now Apple owns AI!). It is more personal, because it is, to quote apple: “grounded in your personal information”. That’s a crazy statement, boss. I really love when tech companies ground themselves in my personal information.

During the keynote, in an entirely unexpected fashion, Apple announced that they are bringing AI to the iPhone. The shareholders like AI, and Apple is willing to deliver. They started the keynote by announcing genuine improvements to the way that Apple devices can work for individuals (or, really, they finally started listening to consumers)

In addition, Apple announced incredible new features that I genuinely believe will enhance human connection. Specifically, AirPods are now able to isolate voices, you can decline calls with head shakes, you can search photos more naturally, Facetime can transcribe live, and you can stay in touch without cellular, which is also an incredible safety feature. In this update, we saw a genuine side of Apple, one that values the human experience. And then, they let the investors lose.

I think the perfect embodiment of the AI craze in Cupertino must be XCode. If you ask any developer, they will be able to rant for hours on end about the utter unsuitability of the thing. Disastrous storage and RAM consumption, nondescript errors, and crashing are all par for the course. Instead of fixing this, they added a copilot clone, so that my app can crash in new and spectacular ways.

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