Fast-Moving, Unexplained Orbs Of Light Spotted Over Miami Triggering UFO And Alien Theories

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2020-06-25 14:52:19

Multiple sets of footage showing several glowing orbs (no, not that orb), similar in nature to others that have been captured on video numerous times prior, darting around in the sky recently above Miami.

The wild UFO videos appear to have been first shared to Twitter by a lawyer named Rogan O’Handley and show a large glowing orb surrounded by five smaller glowing spheres. As the footage progresses, the smaller orbs suddenly jet off in different directions before vanishing into the night.

O’Handley, who has around 190,000 Twitter followers, wrote in the caption of the first tweet, “Um what?!? This video is from a friend in Miami. Can anyone explain?”

The footage quickly caught fire on both Twitter as well as on Reddit where opinions were rather evenly split between the videos being fake and those who took them as real with some even claiming they saw the same set of orbs on the same night in Miami.

On Reddit, a third video of the UFO sighting made its way online, with the person who shared it, writing, “I don’t know why everyone here is jumping on the fake bandwagon. There’s now 3 videos of the same event.”

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