First impressions of Rust programming on Solana

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2021-06-09 01:00:07

Since trying out Rust programming on several other Rust blockchains, Aimee and I have been looking forward to test-driving Solana. And with Solana hosting a hackathon during May, it was a good opportunity to give it a try.

During the hackathon we attempted to create a “sync bot”, that would sync the data from our in-development web app, Treasure Tree, to the Solana blockchain. Though it has a web server and centralized storage backend, the app was developed with a simple data model that was intended to be blockchain-compatible, such that the whole thing could be implemented without a web server.

In general we enjoyed the experience, and it presented relatively few frustrating obstacles to writing the code we wanted. We felt excited about the code we were writing and looked forward to writing more.

We managed to create a “sync bot” that was able to mirror the state of our centralized web app on the blockchain, and set it up on a server at, running against a local devnet.

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