River: a Fast, Robust Job Queue for Go + Postgres

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2023-11-20 17:00:06

Years ago I wrote about my trouble with a job queue in Postgres, in which table bloat caused by long-running queries slowed down the workers’ capacity to lock jobs as they hunted across millions of dead tuples trying to find a live one.

A job queue in a database can have sharp edges, but I’d understated in that writeup the benefits that came with it. When used well, transactions and background jobs are a match made in heaven and completely sidestep a whole host of distributed systems problems that otherwise don’t have easy remediations.

Work in a transaction has other benefits too. Postgres’ NOTIFY respects transactions, so the moment a job is ready to work a job queue can wake a worker to work it, bringing the mean delay before work happens down to the sub-millisecond level.

Despite our operational trouble, we never did replace our database job queue at Heroku. The price of switching would’ve been high, and despite blemishes, the benefits still outweighed the costs. I then spent the next six years staring into a maelstrom of pure chaos as I worked on a non-transactional data store. No standard for data consistency was too low. Code was a morass of conditional statements to protect against a million possible (and probable) edges where actual state didn’t line up with expected state. Job queues “worked” by brute force, bludgeoning jobs through until they could reach a point that could be tacitly called “successful”.

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