Suitablee the Montreal tailoring company introduces technology to create custom-tailored suits online.

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2020-06-23 12:36:16

MONTREAL — Montreal-based tailoring company Suitablee has announced it now has the capability to create custom-tailored men’s suits with a guaranteed perfect fit–all online.

Using AI, the company, owned by two engineer brothers, used infrared body scanners and data from thousands of body measurements to create an online tool that eliminates the need for store visits, guesswork and corrections. The sizing questionnaire includes 12 straightforward inquiries to generate custom garment measurements, patterns, cuts and fit preferences, all on their online platform.

“We wanted to make the traditional art of tailoring smarter,” says co-founder Jean-Sebastien Siow. “We thought, ‘How do we operationalize, make this efficient, and eliminate the errors and guesswork?’”

With its combined design tool and online fitting technology, the company is now able to deliver a perfectly-tailored suit, tuxedo or dress shirt 95% of the time, says Siow.

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